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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Basic understanding – more air time and less roll time – we hit the sand 1 ball width behind the real ball and lift the sand out of the bunker.  The size of the divot in the sand is about the size of a dollar bill.  The sand should go in the direction we want the ball to go.

Set up

Stance: Start with your feet together

Your feet are narrow, ball position is on the front heel.  Your weight should favor your front side just like a pitch shot.  Your weight stays on the front side the entire swing.  Your club face is slightly open (right) and your stance is slightly open (left).

Swing Motion:

A+B+C      A is your backswing, B is impact in the sand 1 ball width behind the real ball, C is your finish

A and C are mirror imaged

From A to C your butt end of the club and your belt buckle work together

In general, you will need to swing longer (A to C) to create more energy to lift all the sand and the ball out of the bunker.

The butt end of the club; your arms and hands swinging.  The belt buckle; your hips and pelvis pivoting.  Your weight is always on your front side.

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