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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

How should you go about practicing for the winter?

A) Practice Station:

1) Target line

2) Body line (Alignment)

3) Ball position

B) Golf Plan:

1) What club and what type of swing motion?

2) How many swing motions per club?

3) What am I trying to execute with my body and swing motion?

4) Am I focused and committed to the swing motion?

5) Block and Random training?

6) How many days can I work on golf and how long each day?

7) At home practice sessions (mirror work) and Dome sessions?

8) Workout?

C) Define your Golf Terms?

D) Basic short game swing motions –

1) Putting

2) Chipping

3) Pitching

4) ½ wedge shot

5) ¾ wedge shot

6) Full swing for Gap, Sand, Lob wedges

E) Basic full swing motions (GAPS) –

1) Driver

2) Fairway and Hybrids

3) Long irons 3,4,5

4) Mid irons 6,7,8

5) Short Irons 9, PW, GW, SW, LW

How do you set Goals?

How much time and effort can I put into practice?

Be honest with yourself

How can you evaluate your current golf game?

A) Where did I lose the most strokes last season?

B) Evaluate your swing motions (short game assessment sheet)

How do you chart your progress – 

A) Notebook

B) Lesson homework sheet

1) At home

2) At dome

C) Launch Monitors – Mevo, ES Sports, Sky Track

1) Distance is not everything

2) Direction

3) Center hits on club face

D) Keys for success

Mental side of the game and Playing in the spring

A) Dr. Bob Rotella “Golf is not a game of perfect”

B) How to prevail over playing pitfalls

C) Practice outside on the range and on the course

D) Don’t play for a score early in the spring, go practice hitting shots on the course

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