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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

3 Parts of the golf club

Grip, Shaft and Clubface

Grip - Types of Grips

baseball, vardon (overlapping) and interlock

Posture of Stance

Bending of your body –slight tilt from your lower back, spine is straight and a slight knee bend. Feet are shoulder width, front foot toed out

Ball Position

one club head length inside left heel


where to aim your body, parallel left of the target for a right handed player. Target line and Alignment line


weight shifts to your back heel and your top arm and the shaft make and “L” at the top of the backswing, spine is angled behind the ball and your head is behind the ball. Yes, the head moves in the golf swing it does not stay still or down

Foward Swing

weight shifts to your front heel and your back foot is toed down Path of the swing – how the shaft swings – angle of attack and angle of separation Clubface positions at the top of the backswing: Closed – clubface to sky, Square – 45 degrees, Opened – toe down


how the clubface rotates – forearms

Ball Directions

slice, fade, straight, DRAW, hook


high, medium and low
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