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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Pitching/ChippingPitching Understanding


It is far easier to control the ball rolling on the ground rather than by sending it “flying through the air”.  Sometimes we have no choice, so we need to understand how to PITCH the golf ball into the air and get it to stop quickly.  In pitching, the player has three goals: 1) Achieve consistent and solid contact with the ball. 2) Create the maximum air- time and minimum roll time for the ball.  3) Be in control of the distance the ball will travel.


GRIP – Use the same grip as full swing.

SET-UP – 1) Place your feet together directly across from the golf ball and place your clubface behind the golf ball.  2) Move your front foot 1 club head length towards the flag, then widen out your back foot to stabilize your body.  Your stance should be less than shoulders width.


SWING MOTION – Make an “A”+”B”+ “C” motion: “A” being your backswing length, “B” being your impact with the ground and the golf ball, “C” being your forward swing length.  Think of your hands moving in a mirror image length on the backswing and your forward swing.  I use belt high backswing to belt high forward swing as an example of what mirror image means.  I am specifically talking about your hands not the clubhead.  On your backswing keep your lower body quiet with your weight on your front foot and let your arms swing back to position “A” with a wrist hinge (create an “L” position with the shaft of the club and your left forearm for the right handed player).  On the forward swing motion, move the butt end of the golf club (your hands) at the same speed as your belt buckle (your hips) to your finish which is position “C”.  Don’t spot at “B”, go through “B” to “C”.   The movement is “A” through “B” to “C”.  In position “C” your arms and the shaft of the club should make a lower case “y”.  Not a capital “Y”.   The left arm and the shaft should make a straight line and your right arm should be the short leg of the lower case “y” for a right handed player.


There are 3 main ideas to remember in pitching: 1) Maintain an even rhythm with a smooth increase in acceleration on the forward swing form “A” to “C”.  2) Make an “A” to “C” motion “L” to “y” positions.  Commit to your swing motion.


After you have had times to practice pitching, you need to build a routine and stick to it on the golf course.  Your routine should include these 5 steps:

  1. Survey – check the lie of the ball in the grass, the terrain, the conditions
  2. Visualize see the shot in the air then landing and rolling, see the result
  3. Rehearse – make the actual swing motion your desire (rehearse)
  4. Execute – produce the swing motion that was rehearsed and give trust and commit to the swing motion you desire
  5. Evaluate – if the shot was good, put it in your memory bank; if the shot didn’t turn out the way you wanted reevaluate what you did

Effective pitching will lower your scores and make this game of golf more enjoyable game.  Please remember that PITCHING is a difficult shot to make.  You will never master it, so just try your best and practice.

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